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Electronic Cigarette Cartridges and Accessories

LUCI Cartridge 5-Pack

5 Individual Cartridge TIps.
*Approx 75 cigarettes

LUCI Half-Carton*

25 Individual Cartridge Tips.
*Approx 375 cigarettes

LUCI Full Carton

50 Individual Cartridge Tips.
*Approx 750 cigarettes

Refill cartridges for LUCI Electronic Cigarettes. Available in 5-Pack, 25-Pack Half-Carton, or 50-Pack Carton. Choose from Regular, Light, or No Nicotine in any flavor! One LUCI cartridge is equal to approximately 15 cigarettes. That means, for only $9.99 you can get nearly 75 cigarettes!

LUCI Disposable Electronic Cigarette

$ 8.99
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The LUCI Disposable Electronic Cigarette is equal to two packs of cigarettes. With the easy to use design, just open the package and it's ready for use!

Purchase a LUCI Disposable to try,
and receive 10% off any LUCI Starter Kit!

*Price is per each individual cigarette. Cigarettes come individually packaged.

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    Starter Kits
  • Save some real money with LUCI Electronic Cigarettes. This is the best alternative there is. Get everything you need to get started right away with E-Cigarette Starter Kits, these e-cigarettes are a complete alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
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  • Not sure if e-cigarettes are for you? Give LUCI disposable e-cigarettes a try. No need for any accessories or cartridges for as little as $10. Choose your color and flavor. Each disposable is equal to nearly two packs of cigarettes!
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  • With LUCI e-cigarette refill cartridges, you save up to 80% ( Savings Calculator) off what you would normally spend on new packs of tobacco cigarettes. Select from Full-Flavor, Menthol, Coffee, or Cherry and 3 levels of nicotine.
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  • Choose from stylized batteries in multiple colors, carrying cases to protect your LUCI, or chargers to fit your lifestyle.
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    Getting Started Guide
  • Not quite sure how e-cigarettes work, or just have a few questions? Visit the getting started guide for answers and videos on using LUCI.
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    Frequent Questions
  • Ask your questions and get easy answers. Our e-cigarette Frequently Asked Question guide will help you with the most common questions.
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  • Learn how e-cigarettes have helped millions of others like you. Read real testimonials from real LUCI customers. Have a testimonial to share? Tell us and we'll show you our appreciation!
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    Customer Service
  • Can't find an answer to your question? Need to contact us? Visit our customer service department for any additional assistance you need.
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